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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  November 16, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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tomorrow morning for your commute. justice finally for chandra levy or a prosecution built solely on fiction. closing arguments have just wrapped up in the murder case against ingmar guandique. the defense and prosecution offered dramatically different pictures of the evidence that the jurors have heard over the last month about the former intern and the lover of a congressman. bruce leshan has been listening to all of it. he listens live under the umbrella of d.c. superior court. bruce? >> reporter: prosecutors started by asking jurors to conjure up the face of ingmar guandique. they said this was the terror, the last face that two women saw who came here and testified as they were dragged fighting for their lives down into a ravine in rock creek park. and they said that this was the last face that chandra levy saw as she lay bound and gagged in
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rock creek park either dead already or left to die of dehydration and starvation. prosecutors hung chandra levy's stained clothes right in front of the jury. the tights knotted as though used to bind someone. the sports bra, the usc t-shirt found with her remains eight years ago in rock creek park. ingmar guandique, they say, was stalking young women in the park. he pleaded guilty to attacking holly schilling and christie wiegand on remote trails that match the chandra levy scene precisely. dense woods, a steep ridge and a creek to drown the noise of anyone screaming. they pointed to the cell mate who testified that guandique confessed to killing chandra but insisted he didn't rape her. the pen pal who told how scared
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she was after she heard guandique thinking he can kill a woman. and the neighbor who testified there were scratches on him. and the government said the defense had not brought you any evidence of how or when she died and they directed attention back to gary condit. he does things like a guilty man and doesn't cooperate with the police and doesn't help when a girl he said he cares about goes missing. a married and powerful man, he's the one they say has the motive of the disappearance. now the lawyers told the jury, as juror number 13 should be the presumption of innocence. if you have any question that the government has failed to answer, they said, that is reasonable doubt.
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now the jury has just go gone home for -- gone home for the night. and my colleague tells me they are expected to start deliberating tomorrow morning at 9:30. >> bruce, we'll see how this turns out. thank you. the busy thanksgiving travel rush is just a week away and triple-a said more than 42 million people will be traveling over the long holiday weekend. that is an 11.5% increase from last year. and most of the folks will hit the nation's roads. of those traveling, 94% will go by car for thanksgiving. 4% will go by air. and the remaining 2% will go by rail, bus or boat. for those who are flying this thanksgiving, triple-a is warning to you be prepared for the tsa new screening procedures. those screenings are sparking controversy at the nation's airports. at issue, the full body scans that some passengers say amount to a virtual strip search. delia gonsalves is live at dulles. she looked at how our airport security screenings are going today and what are passengers
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saying? >> anita, we talked to folks here at the airport, bwi and reagan national. and all of them were uncomfortable with the idea of someone seeing essentially what you look like with your clothes off. but they say considering the alternative, they would rather do that instead. >> reporter: no matter where you fly, bwi, reagan national, or dulles, prepare for the chance for a full body scan. >> i guess i would find that a little invasive. >> reporter: only randomly selected passengers will go through the advanced imaging technology. the transportation security administration said the scans can detect hidden weapons or even explosives. and according to a new cbs poll, four out of five americans support them. >> there are so many things happening these day. >> reporter: here is what you need to know. the assisting officer cannot view the image and the person
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viewing the passenger never sees them and all images are stored. >> the alternative might be worse. >> reporter: but some are protesting and opting out of the full body scans if they are chosen. they are staging the opt out on one of the busiest days of the year, the day before thanksgiving. tsa is not worried. they show the number is more like less than 1% of travelers. those who opt out are subject to a pat-down where breast and private parts will be touched. critics call it nothing more than groping. >> you don't know who you will meet. they look at you to spot you down. >> reporter: empty your pockets and know of any hidden medical device. patdown is an officer of the same gender and you can request a private screening or have a friend with you. >> if you don't do it, you don't get on the plane. >> reporter: and we should tell you that the tsa assures us if
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an officer is caught with a camera phone, taking a picture of a body image, they will be fired immediately. anita? >> delia, a lot to talk about. thank you. two people busted in the corruption sweep have been ordered held in jail. am rick melhi and his wife own tick tock liquors in langley part. the feds say they have recorded conversation in which the couple talks of paying off county officials and a search of their home uncovered $400,000 in cash in a closet. and we have more in the wake of the expanding corruption investigation in prince george's county tonight. scott broom reports federal agents aren't the only ones alleging play-to pay shakedowns regarding indicted county executive jack johnson. >> reporter: long before the arrest of prince george's county executive jack johnson, the owner of this building in new carrollton decided to blow
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the whistle on his own. the landlord here alleges he is the victim of a political shakedown, a shakedown that appears to fit a pattern of corruption known as pay-to play. it's called the new carrollton town center and this empty lobby was to be the new home of the prince george's county of department housing and community development according to the lawsuit filed by the landlord. in 2009 the landlord claims he negotiated a ten-year $11 million lease directly with county executive jack johnson and his personal attorney. but the deal went bad, he claims. shortly after he was solicited by lobbyist michael arrington for a $50,000 contribution to a political committee controlled by council members. arrington is also closely tied to johnson and a significant
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campaign contributor. later the landlord claims he was solicited by tony knots for a $40,000 contribution. he refused to pay and the council never voted on the lease and the building is empty and he blew the whistle with his lawsuit. scott broom, 9 news now. >> no one involved in the case would be interviewed on the record today n. court filings, all of the accused politicians deny the charges and they are asking to have the case thrown out. a bizarre and gruesome discovery along a high way in frederick county today. a maintenance crew found a body stuffed in a box along westbound i-70 near braddock mountain. the police are not able to give us a age, gender or race, just that it's an adult. there is no i.d. the cause of death is unclear as is the kind of box the body was found in. the body was taken to the office of the chief medical examiner in baltimore for an autopsy. local police and the fbi are trying to determine if a
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series of bank robberies in virginia are connected. take a look at surveillance video of a man who could be behind four of the bank robberies. this was taken in a hold up earlier this year. the suspect may have hit banks in fairfax and loudoun counties as well. charles rangel has been found guilty of breaking house rules. >> as randall pinkston reports, his fate is now in the hands of his fellow lawmakers. >> count 11, conduct in violation of the code of ethics -- >> reporter: the house ethics panel announced the verdict against rangel. >> we found a conviction by clear and convincing evidence. >> reporter: he was found guilty on 11 counts of breaking house rules, including failing to disclose $600,000 in assets and income, failing to report rental income to the irs and improperly soliciting donations from foundations that could benefit from his vote in congress. >> we have tried to act with
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fairness, led only by the fakes -- the facts and the law. >> reporter: he did not attend tuesday's hearing but did make a brief appearance on monday. he told the panel he had run out of money to fight the case and needed more time to set up a defense fund and hire a lawyer. >> since i don't have counsel to advise me, i'm going to have to excuse myself. >> reporter: rangel had been one of the most influential members of the house, serving 20 terms in congress. voters in his harlem district re-elected him two weeks ago. 80% voted for him. >> my opinion of him really hasn't changed. he's done a lot of good things for harlem. >> i think that bottom line is that it's a witch hunt. >> the ethics committee will decide his punishment. he's been striped of the ways and means committee chairmanship and could face a formal reprimand or censure. >> this is another embarrassment for the democrats who lost control of the house in the mid-term elections. some frightening moments
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for rider as board a metro bus in southeast d.c. police say a dozen people were hurt when their bus rear-ended a truck. this happened just before noon in the 4,000 block of east capital street. medic crews transported 7 people from the scene to check them out. fire investigators are trying to find the source of a gas leak that shut down largo high school today. the building was evacuated this morning after a strong smell of gas inside. crews told the school administrators not to allow anyone back into the building. the students were sent home for the day. the school is expected to reopen this evening and classes resume tomorrow. the department of energy unveiled the first electric vehicle charging station in washington today. it's located at the reeves center, 14th and u. street northwest. this is part of a pilot program that includes nine other cities. plans call for 4600 charging stations around the nation over
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the next two years. they'll support electric drive vehicles built by ford, chevrolet and smart usa. and richard andre has your time saver traffic. >> not so good a afternoon on the roadway. standing waterond road spray so restricted visibility. along the beltway, both loops are stop-and-go as you go between old georgetown road and i 270 and toward i-95. so from i-270 to i-95, both loops are sluggish on the beltway. also in virginia, on northbound 395, looking at stop-and-go from boundary channel up to the 14th street bridge. also southbound 395 slowing in that usual spot below washington boulevard down toward duke street and then beyond that point on southbound 95 we'll find brake lights on and off from newington past the occuquan toward quantico but we should find all lanes open and all h.o.v. lanes on southbound 95. ladies. donald wuerl is on his way
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to becoming a cardinal. we'll hear from him about his upcoming meeting with the pope at 5:30. this is topper shutt. don't put these away just yet. let me show you radar. this is the titan view. there is showers to the south down 95 and off to the west. we'll tell you where those are headed and when the winds pick up. prince william and his fiance have given their first interview since announcing their engagement. i'm charlie d'agata in london and we'll tell you what they had to say coming up.
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ground was broken today for the new george w. bush library in dollars. the library at southern med difficult university will hold
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a archive and institute. his former cabinet were on hand for today's ceremony. meanwhile demonstrators angry over the war they say is unjustfied in iraq protested if dallas for a second straight day. >> an army sergeant who stepped into the line of fire who help his comrades in afghanistan received the medal of honor today. salvador jeanedda is the first living recipient since 1976. he was a team leader when his squad was ambushed by the taliban in 2007. he rushed into enemy fire to pull one soldier back to cover and then rescued his sergeant being carried away by taliban fighters. >> although i'm the one standing here wearing this medal right now, i want to make it be known that this represents all service members from all branches that have been in afghanistan since 2001, iraq since 2003. who were there yesterday, today and go again tomorrow. >> seven others have received
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the nation's top military award posthumously. prince william is officially engaged. >> the heir to the british thrown pops the question. and we learned that he gave his fiance the oval diamond and blue sapphire engagement ring once worn by his mother, princess diana. charlie d'agata joins us from london where the happy couple sat down with a rare interview. i know everybody is talking about this there, charlie. >> reporter: everybody is buzzing about this. top story. and they called her waity katie because she's been hanging around for prince william to pop the question. when she did it came as a surprise to her and she was sur -- and she surprised a lot of people here in britain too. they've been talking marriage for years but when he finally popped the question to kate middleton. >> it was a total shock when it
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came. >> reporter: and then he produced the engagement ring. the one his other mother wore. >> i thought it was quite nice because she won't be around to share in the fun and this is my way to keep her close. >> i just hope i look after it. it's very, very special. >> reporter: kate called her an inspirational woman and wishes she could have met her. prince william is confident his fiance will do a good job as princess. >> no one is trying to fill my mother's shoes and what she did is fantastic. it's about making your own future and destiny. >> reporter: the queen said she is delighted for the couple. his father charles is thrilled. kate's parents can't wait to call the prince family. >> we think he's wonderful and we're extremely fobbed -- fond of him. >> reporter: they met at the university in scotland and they moved in together as friends
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and romance blossomed from there. >> we'll have christmas all right. >> reporter: well they'll both have to get used to. as far as the pitter patter of royal feet. >> i think we'll take it one step at a time. but obviously, we want a family. >> reporter: but that won't happen until after royal wedding bells ring, across britain next year. >> and prince william did ask kate middleton's father permission to marry her but after asking herself, figuring if she said yes it would be more difficult for him to say no. anita and leslie? >> he's doing it just to be sure he has the control. now we understand that prince hair harry -- harry had the ring. why did he give it to william. >> after princess diana died they went to kensington palace and they decided who would get what and prince harry wanted
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the ring and then the watch. but when the big time came prince harry gave it to prince william figuring this is a much more symbolic symbol that would carry on the memory of his mother. and as he said, he doesn't feel like he's losing the ring, he's getting the sister he never had. >> it's a touching moment, because they were so young when this happened. so charlie, thank you for that. on our facebook page, we asked if you thought it was a good idea for prince william to give kate the princess diana ring. >> one person said it has too much negative baggage. >> but martha believes it is symbolic. she is marrying into the royal family. and she has to take the bad and the good and there is no symbol of that than the ring. >> and tina said prince william and his mom were close and now his wife can be connected too. become a fan of wusa 9 and tell us what you think.
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the smithsonian is giving you a chance to make a lasting impression at the national zoo. a contest will permit members of public to name two of the zoo's seven newborn cubs. that's so cute. to enter contestants must submit a video no longer than 90 seconds and explain why they're name is the perfect fit for the male or female lyon cub. for a link go to and click on extras. >> i think we should name the one who was doing his paws like pause. >> he's cute. we have to do a video. we could come up with big ones. >> we could. we are looking at big winds here. but they had big winds in seattle. they had hurricane strength winds. over 75 mile-per-hour winds were felt in washington state and oregon, especially on the east side of the cascades and they've died down but we'll get the winds late tonight and tomorrow.
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not that crazy bad but it gives you an idea. you don't need hurricanes for ind damage. there is proof. let's start with live doppler. showers and light rain across most of the metro area. some heavier activity south of fredericksberg. and this is going to kind of move it's way up 95. so we're not done with the showers right now. if you're around the beltway, fairfax county, in montgomery county there is a lull or respite. we'll see another round of showers before they move out for good. and we'll zoom in. nothing going on in bethesda. and in northwest it's quiet right now. springfield is quiet. toward dulles and past ashburn and leesberg we do see some showers. light activity though. what is going to happen in the next hour will find some motion and so we're looking at wet roads through the evening commute. no doubt about that. the good news is it will just be light to moderate activity. don't see anything heavy with the last batch of showers. and let's go to the computer.
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temperatures, a bargain and getting off easy. 60 downtown. 55 in arlington. and mid 50sin reston and sterling. so temperatures above average for this time of night and they won't fall off. as the winds pick up, it will be a warm wind. biggest winds out to the west. oakland, 20 mile-per-hour wind gusts, leesberg 18 mile-per- hour wind gusts but they begin to pick up out of the southwest after midnight. so hang on to your hat. wednesday windy and mild. gusts to 40 miles per hour possible. especially west of town. thursday, breezy and cooler. and friday sunny and chilly. but a nice day on friday. here is a look at the future cast. by 7:00, still more showers pushing through most of the metro area. by midnight, just a last little shower pushing through montgomery county and the district and fairfax county and then we're gone and skies clear. so your morning commute will be dry, it will be windy so keep that in mind. use your judgment hanging on to the wind. if you're going out, hagerstown and cumberland, out 68, you're driving a van or a high profile vehicle, two hands on the
5:23 pm
wheel. rain to showers and then the showers end by midnight. windy and mild, lows in the low 50s. winds southwest at 15-25 and gusty. now tomorrow morning partly cloudy and windy. grab a light coat. but winds up to 30 mile-per- hour and by afternoon, partly cloudy and windy and still nice, despite the wind. highs between 60 and 65. winds westerly at 15-25 and gusty. for the next three days then, we're looking at winds tomorrow, 62. breezy on thursday and 58. and getting cooler on friday. we're back in the mid-50s. next seven days. saturday spectacular and 60 great for the terps. it will be colder again on sunday. we've dropped temperatures on sunday. still sunny but only in the mid- 60s. 60 on monday and by tuesday temperatures again in the 60s. it is tuesday. this just grabbed me. it's kind of nice and a reminder that it's slippery with the leaves on the road.
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so glenn, you did a great job from leesberg, virginia. >> a lot of color. we like that. >> it was composed well. go to our website,, to click on weather and follow the drop-down menu to submit your picture and include your name and town and a little description. >> thank you, topper. coming up next, a bomb threat shuts down part of the ohio state university campus today.
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my hair is burning. my hair is burning. the can't even talk from the smoke. >> dozens of people are homeless after escaping their burning parking building last night in minnesota. firefighters found flames shooting from the apartments and bar. some people had to be rescued. others had to jump to safety. no one was seriously hurt. a bomb threat forced evacuations at ohio state university. the warning was e-mailed to fbi
5:28 pm
headquarters here in washington. the school's main library and three lab buildings were evacuated. the university sent out 32,000 text messages to students on tam pus -- on campus. a search found nothing out of the ordinary. coming up next new at 5:30. >> his plane just left for rome. the cardinal-elect donald wuerl is going to be traveling to meet with the pope. that story is coming up next.
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right now, new at 5:30, washington archbishop donald wuerl is on his way to rome to become a cardinal. investigators are losing hope they'll find three missing family members alive. and we will show you which foods actually help fight off cancer. our top story at this half hour, the archbishop of washington is on his way overseas to the vatican. donald wuerl is traveling to rome where this weekend the pope will elevate him to the elite group that is responsible for choosing the pope's
5:32 pm
successor. lindsey mastis joins us live from the airport where donald wuerl took off. >> reporter: he is very excited and has a busy schedule. he will meet with the pope and meeting with other cardinals and on saturday he will become a cardinal. and that is significant not just because it means that he'll be giving the pope advice, but if anything happens to pope benedict, he'll be one of about 200 cardinals that decide on a new pope. >> i'm very excited. we're just about ready to begin the pilgrimage. >> reporter: donald wuerl said he plans to share his experience in washington with pope benedict. >> i would like just to be able to be in washington. >> reporter: he said so catholics around the world can see what worked here in the u.s., including insights on dealing with the sexual abuse scandal that has rocked the church. >> that problem has been dealt with by the church in the united states a decade ago. what ear talking about today are cases -- what we're talking about today are cases that happened 20, 30 years ago.
5:33 pm
i think we can bring our experience of how best to deal with the problem like that. we can bring that and offer it to the wider church. >> reporter: wuerl said he's looking forward to talking with the pope. >> there is a real sense of awe when you come into his presence. >> reporter: spokeswoman susan gibbs said his agenda is packed. >> the first is going to the tailer because you get a new wardrobe. and he gets a red hat and a skull cap and then a beretta and so a special ridged cap that is only used for these ceremonies. >> reporter: what is most special to wuerl is time with the pope. >> i think the time will actually -- we'll actually have with the pope is probably the centerpiece of this entire trip. >> reporter: and wuerl is not going over there alone. he not only has some members of his staff with him, but there is about 400 people that are
5:34 pm
friends and family of wuerl who will be over there for the ceremony. he said that many of them are friends and family. he's from pittsburgh originally so there is a large amount of people coming from that part of the country. he will be back here in washington on tuesday. reporting live at dulles international airport, i'm lindsey mastis. 9 news now. >> a life-changing journey to be sure. thank you, lindsey. ? saudi arabia today muslims took part in the stoning ritualal. millions of pilgrims carried stones to stone the devil. an alleged russian arms dealer is on his way to new york. victor booth was extradited from thailand to face terrorism charges. he faces accusations of arms trafficking to dictators and conflict zones in africa, south
5:35 pm
america and belize. he is dubbed the merchant of death. in court today, an ohio man appeared on charges of kidnapping. and police continue a search for the three people still missing. >> reporter: search dogs and rescue teams look for signs of the missing ohio family in a wooded air whyner kenyan college. investigators collected a sock as possible evidence. >> me and my friends run this path and it's scary to think somebody would do something like that. >> reporter: the trail is close to where police found the missing mother's pickup truck last thursday. and first questioned the suspect, matthew hoffman. he appeared in court on tuesday through a video hook-up at the jail. sitting with a public defender he did not enter a plea. the judge set his bond at $1 million. he was restrained from a suicide gown. >> until a mental health professional says otherwise, i put him -- we put him in the
5:36 pm
suicide gown. >> reporter: the 30-year-old is charged with kidnapping 13-year- old sara mainord. police rescued the teenager from hoffman's basement on sunday. but her brother cody and mother and family friend stephanie sprang haven't been seen since last wednesday. investigators have little hope of finding them alive. residents are on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary that might help police. many have joined in the daily searches. >> you know, knowing that somebody is missing and knowing it could be my kids -- >> reporter: hoffman moved to ohio in 2007 after serving six years in prison for setting fire to this townhouse in colorado. he hasn't spoken with investigators since he was given an attorney. but police say more charges are expected. manuel gullegos, cbs news, mt. vernon, ohio. >> the public defender told the court that hoffman worked as a tree trimmer. he graduated from the local career center in 1999.
5:37 pm
charles schuler said the federal government is moving to ban caffinated drinks such as this, four loko, this week. and the alcohol control board is urging people to be careful when taking or selling them. and that is the appeal to underage drinkers. some have ended up in the hospital. police pulled over a man suspected of drunken driving and what happened next was a grand slam. and we're always on stay with us. we'll be right back.
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5:39 pm
caught on tape, a scary reminder not to drink and drive. this is dash cam video from a
5:40 pm
laguna beach, california, police cruiser. the driver suspected of dui puts his black prius in reverse and then after he realizes he hit the police cruiser, he jumped back in the car and drove it forward and ruptured the gas station's water line. the driver was arrested and he and his passenger were not injured. >> oh, my goodness. well here is something you don't see every day. a coyote dashing through the streets of chicago. the animal's adventure was caught on camera yesterday morning. but city officials say this coyote is doing its job. it belongs there, hunting for mice and rats. it is timid and avoids people. officials say it has benefited with a tracking collar so they can keep tabs on it. >> that has to make them feel better. >> you can imagine? in chicago. >> no. time for a check on the evening rush hour. it's been rainy tonight. richard andre has your time
5:41 pm
saver traffic. >> our speeds are below normal because of wet roadways so use caution. northbound baltimore washington parkway slow between powder mill road. that is a slow go there for a while. and on the beltway top side inner loop jammed up from old georgetown road to and beyond 450. that's at least a half hour delay if not more than that. and outer loop slow on the other side from new hampshire avenue on up toward i-270 and we're still looking at slow conditions as well as you're making the driver on the outer loop from the section of the 270 spur across the american legion bridge headed toward the dulles toll road. southbound 95 is slow in places from newington, crossing the occuquan and down to quantico but all lanes are open. talk about a prime time embarrassment for the redskins against the philadelphia eagles last night. where is the season headed for the burgundy and gold? we'll hear from the players and let you sound off in 9 sports.
5:42 pm
have the umbrella out. right now we have a bit of a respite. let me show you the radar. and there are showers down to the south that have to move through. we'll come back and talk about when the showers move out and the winds pick up. and things on the coast are about to get easier. [ female announcer ] dry, cracked hands?
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and hotels have taken notice. around tyson corner, its courtyard marry mayer -- marriott with packages. some of them include gift cards to use, a booklet with deals. you can get breakfast buffet, coupons, a ton of things and a lot of people are doing it. it is the hottest gift that many of us will unwrap during the holiday. e-readers are poised to be one of the biggest sellers this season. a recent survey finds 10% of adults plan to give a digital reader as a gift this year and forester research predicts there will be 10.3 million of these devises in circulation by the end of the year. so if you need an idea, anita and topper, you got one. >> i can't keep up with this. i'm taking notes. i can't keep up with her. the beatles are finally coming to the internet. the band management company finally agreed to permit music from the fav four to be sold online. it will be available through itunes. they were the most prominent
5:49 pm
holdout until now. >> that's a big deal. >> yeah, it is. >> a big deal. >> and that's good. because my girls do know about the beatles and now they can learn more. >> most of the songs they hear today, a lot of them have their roots. are you ready for the wind? >> icky day. >> it never really got light today. the rain goes out and the wind comes in. let's start with the satellite picture, radar combines. the storm is to the north of us but the showers will go through and that will last until midnight. this is the last batch of showers between fredericksberg and down toward richmond. once that rolls through we'll be done with showers. not the wind. let's look at live doppler 9000. you can access this on our website at hopefully you've down loaded our weather app. it's good stuff. nothing heavy, that's the good news. bad news, another wet commute for just about everybody across the metro area. we'll zoom in. light showers in bethesda and down toward woodbridge and toward leesberg and also over toward chantilly on 50.
5:50 pm
now where will this go in the next hour? another batch of showers will roll in and that will roll northeast ward up 95 and back into gaithersburg, crossing over 270. so good news, nothing heavy is coming our way, the bad news is another wet commute. let's go back to computer. let's talk temperatures. bargains -- 59 at college park. that's a good deal. 59 in reston and 57 in sterling. that's a good deal. winds are strong here but we have a wind advisory toward the west, toward winchester and culpeper in excess of 50 miles per hour and continues until 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. hang on to your hat. gusts up to 40 miles per hour here. thursday breezy and friday sunny and chilly. so temperatures are going down a little bit. tonight rain to showers and the showers end by midnight. lows in the 50s. windy and gusts up to 30 mile- per-hour. grab a coat tonight, gusts
5:51 pm
tomorrow and windy and nice. gusts over 25 miles per hour. next three days, aafter we get through the winds tomorrow, just breezes on thursday but clouds come back on thursday. 58 and 54 on friday. next seven days, nice on saturday, 60. cooler on sunday but still another nice weekend. sunny both saturday and sunday. and then milder again, 60 on monday and maybe some showers next tuesday, temperatures go back into the mid-60s, do not let that fool you because it will change by thanksgiving big time. >> big time. there is a picture circulating on facebook. you have a graphic behind you of the chief and on facebook, the chief has his hand over his face. >> we saw that last year. he's embarrassed. there was a moment in the press box where people were making noise. it was like 35-0 and they made an announcement over the press box p.a. warning the reporter, this is a professional press box, stop cheering. and we said we're not cheering, we're laughing. they had 15 days to formulate a
5:52 pm
game plan for the eagles and that's what they came up. the ref turned on his microphone and he announced this is the end of the first quarter at which point the crowd let out the biggest cheer of the night. greg tollin with details from the carnage. >> running in for the touchdown. >> reporter: it was one of the worst losses in redskins history. >> from the first quarter to the last quarter, it was embarrassing. >> reporter: also embarrassing, leron landry igniting a war of words with desean jackson which let to a pregame scuffle that fired up the eagles more than it did the redskins. >> you say something to them and they say something back. >> reporter: it was fine for landy to talk the talk, but when it came to backing it up, jackson burned him with the first offensive play. >> it was a great play on their part, both physical. >> reporter: and one of many made by michael vick. vick did whatever he wanted,
5:53 pm
whenever he wanted. >> he was on top of his game today. we didn't have an answer for him. >> reporter: and that's why the eagles put up astonishing numbers, nearly 600 yards of total offense and 59 points. >> probably had 600 yards on us. i don't think i've ever been beat that bad, not even in little league. >> reporter: numbers so big that on this night they overshadowed $78 million, the value of donovan mcnabb's new contract that he signed before the game. >> i look forward to being here for more years but there is nothing i can do later, i can only focus on the present time. >> reporter: how appropriate that is the gloomy today because that describes the mood of redskins fans. >> they couldn't stop anything. they need to pick up their game. >> they got spanked last night. especially the way vick opened up with an 88-yard pass. >> reporter: and just like this game snowballed out of control, the skins hope their season doesn't follow suit. >> we got whooped. seven more games left and we have to make the best of it. it's a short week and come back
5:54 pm
to tennessee and look and see what happens. >> greg tollin, 9 sports now. >> and the $78 million contract for mcnabb, it turns out that could be much, much less. we'll give you the details on that at 6:00. >> thanks.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
the most powerful half ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. that's forty thousand more than ford. chevy silverado. the most dependable, longest-lasting full- size pickup on the road. use your all-star edition discount for... a total value of six thousand dollars on a 2011 silverado. see your local chevrolet dealer.
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a triple-digit loss today on wall street. the dow dropped 178 points to close at 11,023. the nasdaq fell 43 points and the s&p 500 dropped 19 points. and many doctors trying to find a cure for cancer. and evidence is mounting up that one cheap and easy way to prevent it from forming starts with your diet. >> we don't know where cancer is coming from. and it is important that we are overall healthy. that is probably also helping us in preventing cancer. >> reporter: dr. lena clark is an oncologist at georgetown university hospital that said cancer fighting foods do exist. foods rich in vitamin d like fish, cereal and milk should be in your diet because they help
5:58 pm
prevent colon and breast cancer cells from forming. >> vitamin d like many other food items have several different effects to our bodies in terms of preventing cancer. it induces different production of the bad cells. >> reporter: other items on the list are tomatoes. any type of berry, nuts and soy food. many believe it's not just what you eat but how you prepare it. in 2008 there was a test of thermal imaging of the breast. it shows hot spots that could be early precancerous changes. then she switched to an all raw diet with mostly fruits and vegetables, sushi and lean meat and dairy products. a year later a follow-up showed the spots were gone. >> raw foods are supposed to allow your -- body to heal.
5:59 pm
>> reporter: and another doctor from md anderson cancer center said a turmeric show it reduces cancer and kuccumin can kill cancer. >> and some cells can be selectively killed byker cumin. >> reporter: and other spites mentioned as having disease fighting properties are ginger, cinnamon, oregano and red chili peppers. 9 -- thank you for joining us for 9 news now at 5:00. 9 news now at 6:00 starts right now. who killed chandra levy? that is the question for the jury. they have gone home tonight but will return


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